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First things first this week I changed my avatar as I felt my attire was little bit cold for this time of year so here is my new HoFraser avatar.Still dosen't look like me but ah well...nobody perfect.

So in this weeks class we had a discussion about the topic of the group project #Metoo. John started the class what we thought the title #MeToo meant.At this point my mic wasn't working so I could not hear john but read what he was asking and  after a few attempts of logging in and out I finally got johns voice working.The points that us as class and group made were completely right. Being online makes it easier,you only need to hashtag and you create a movement on the internet.If someone who has been abused talked about this issue in a public domain only very few would listen and care.Getting the hashtag spread around world wide makes it easier for the victims to talk online about it, as I say it would be terrifying in person. This wide spread discussion gives com…

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